‘Cause we could all use a boost.

Dance requires courage.

And so does everything else in life.

Confidance Chicago is a hip hop program that helps the most timid dancers break out of their shells and brave the dance floor. We make sure all of our instructors are well-trained, approachable and accommodating.

Our curriculum keeps in mind those who lack confident body language, harbor a negative self-image or fear dancing in front of others.

Join a hip hop class if you’d like to learn how to:

Build hip hop technique and movement with style-specific training.

Improve your shape, presence and confidence level.

Chat to other people and build a community to dance with.

What We Offer

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Hip Hop Is At The Peak Of Popularity

Industry-wide findings and statistics indicate that 25.1% of the U.S. listens to hip hop, making it the most popular genre of music in the U.S. today. It’s no wonder the demand for hip hop dance classes is higher than ever! Don’t miss your chance.

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Watch our Youtube videos to see what kind of moves we teach.


Sign up for beginner hip hop classes in the heart of downtown Chicago.


Join us at our monthly dance events!

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